Client Spotlight

Hi Bob~
Roger and I can’t thank you enough for all the amazing changes you have brought to our lives. Who knew we could love the pups even more? There are moments when I think they are leading us in what we should be doing! To say that they ran us ragged would be an understatement. We know that we created monsters, but what SitmeansSit has given us is a new lease on life with these two.

A typical day in PA revolved around chaos. Inside it was all about jumping on every window and door if they saw something, running thru the house chasing each other, jumping, jumping, jumping on anyone and anything. Outside had become a nightmare, I personally could no longer take River outside. As soon as they hit the door, they hit the door. Jumping on it in an attempt to get out, pulling us out the door, and trying to take off in whatever direction they felt like going. AKA Being pulled all over the yard. With over 3 acres and the Delaware River in our backyard none of this was good. I know its only been 3 days with us, but compared to before March 29th this is like a miracle. I will admit to saying it takes a lot of commitment, patience and endurance. I’ve never had a job that required so much “outdoor” work! lol That being said, I am blown away with how happy the pups are with having structure in their daily routine. With a background in corporate training for over 25 years, I have to tell you that following a written daily plan, taking notes, and utilizing all those skills has been so helpful.

When I left your home on Sunday afternoon I was overwhelmed, stressed and so worried that all you had done would never work. When I read your handout and calmed down, I realized that this would be exciting and effective only if I believed in it. OMG!!! I believe I’m attaching pictures of my workouts/exercises with the dogs. We are working on getting in the shed and finding taller “places” for the pups. With the rain and freeze last night the lock is frozen. Its on our agenda to get to that tomorrow. I could never have been able to have these pictures without all you did over those 14 days and our continued efforts to make sure the rubberband doesn’t snap back. You are awesome and what you have done for us is priceless !!!!!!

Karen (and Roger) Reppy

PS: On a funny note I was watching some SMS videos today trying to get some pointers. All of a sudden both dogs stopped chewing their bones, looked up, got up and “listened” like never before. It was one of your videos and as soon as they heard your voice they started “sitting” and then laying “down”. I laughed so hard. Even they think you’re awesome too!!! You might be out of sight, but not out of sound.